2017-02-26 17:20 #0 av: Loris M

Fakta från Regeringskansliet (på engelska) med anledning att det under den senaste tiden spridits felaktig  fakta om Sverige och svensk migrationspolitik.

(Jag har förkortat kommentarerna, samt utelämnat några påstående. Läs gärna hela texten som ni hittar under länken längst ner)

"Claim: "Sweden had its first islamic terrorist attack not so long ago"

Facts: The only known attempt at such an attack was in 2010. No one was harmed but the attacker.

Claim: "There has been a major increase in gun violence in Sweden."

Facts: In general terms, violence has decreased in Sweden in the last 20 years. At the same time, surveys repeatedly show that people in Sweden and in other Western countries have a perception that violence is actually increasing. Perceptions of increased violence have been linked to the number of immigrants in Sweden. Nonetheless, research shows that there is no evidence to indicate that immigration leads to increased crime. Despite the fact that the number of immigrants in Sweden has increased since the 1990s, exposure to violent crimes has declined.

Claim: "There has been a major increase in the number of rapes in Sweden."

Facts: The number of reported rapes in Sweden has risen. But the definition of rape has broadened over time, which makes it difficult to compare the figures. It is also misleading to compare the figures with other countries, as many acts that are considered rape under Swedish law are not considered rape in many other countries.

For example: If a woman in Sweden reports that she has been raped by her husband every night for a year, that is counted as 365 separate offences; in most other countries this would be registered as a single offence, or would not be registered as an offence at all. 

Claim: "Refugees are behind the increase in crime, but the authorities are covering it up."

Facts: According to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention's Swedish Crime Survey, some 13 per cent of the population were the victim of an offence against them personally in 2015. This is an increase on preceding years, although it is roughly the same level as in 2005.

Claim: "Muslims will soon be in the majority in Sweden."

Facts: No. It is estimated that there are a few hundred thousand people in Sweden whose roots are in predominantly Muslim countries. But this figure says nothing about how many are religious or not."